My name is Tatu Teittinen and I’m a Game Producer from Finland, currently working at Critical Force and leading the team behind the massive mobile FPS success, Critical Ops. I have worked as a Producer, Project Manager and Product Manager on multiple game projects including Critical Ops, Jelly Splash, Ancestory, and a prototype PS4 game amongst others. I am passionate about building great team culture, empowering and facilitating people to achieve excellence and organizing teams to deliver on ever grander visions. I love all disciplines involved in game development and find myself driven by passionate people around me from all cultures and backgrounds. I thrive amongst the creative and technical challenges of building games and crafting teams toward razor-shap focus on pristine execution.

My passion for games started when I first played Super Mario Bros. on the NES and have since found a lifelong interest in game development and technology. I'd love to continue working with creative, passionate people to make the industry a better place to work in and most of all, create amazing experiences and long-lasting memories for players around the world.