Critical Ops | Critical Force

Critical Ops is a 3D multiplayer FPS available on both iOS and Android, and boasting over 50 million downloads and counting.

As the leading Producer of the team, I have been responsible for managing all of the day-to-day operations, staffing and running the team before staffing and growing the team to have multiple Producers. Since I've joined we have more than doubled the staff working on the project and I have been in charge of developing processes and tools that have allowed the team to run at scale of over million daily players and develop multiple releases and cycles simulatenously. I also have been tasked with supporting our management in company operations and planning.

My work has included the design of our release process and working as a release manager, coordinating and executing the delivery of multiple releases into the hands ouf our players. I have been working on the team organization and design of it together with our Producers and Leads, and have constantly helped it evolve for our needs. These days alongside being a Team Lead and managing the development structure for Critical Ops and responsible directly to the Product Director and Company Management, I am also the day-to-day Producer of our Gameplay Team.
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Jelly Splash | Wooga

Jelly Splash is a highly successful Match-3 game released on iOS, Android and on Facebook. The game boasts over 75 million downloads, hundreds of levels and colorful chain reactions.

As a Product Manager Intern at Wooga, I have been responsible for shipping features on the live game targeted at KPIs and ensuring a smooth internal QA process.

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Ancestory | Kajak Games

Ancestory is a 3D strategy card game for PC. You play as a mighty shaman who can summon powerful minions and cast mighty spells to gain control of the battlefield. In between battles, you can build and customize your deck before challenging your friends in online or local multiplayer or fight against AI.

I joined the team after an initial prototype had been developed and have since been responsible for leading the core team of 9 developers as producer managing the schedule, milestones, and tasking. Also as a supporting designer I helped polish the gameplay systems, designed and implemented levels, and scripted some of the UI using UMG and Blueprints.

I have worked on the PR and marketing for the game and presented the game at Casual Connect Europe 2015 together with my team as participants in the Indie Prize competition. I planned and implemented our Greenlight campaign and release strategy and further community management after launch.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and was released on Steam October 13th, 2016.

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Light in the Dark | Nanyang Polytechnic

Light in the Dark is a 3D local co-operative action game developed for PS4 at NYP Singapore during my 3 month student exchange period.

I was in charge of heading development for proof-of-concept prototype developed in 3 months with a 4-man team using Unity. I wore many hats during the development including that of a project manager, gameplay and level designer and technical artist. I worked with Unity to create the level from concept to playable and also work with 3rd party lighting and material tools to achieve the needed graphics quality for the PS4.


Sir Dashing | Kajak Games

Sir Dashing is a two-button endless runner in which you control a prince trying to chase after a princess by jumping over obstacles and using your lance to attack. It features multiple levels and character customization.

In Sir Dashing I was the team lead and designer of our team of 5 developers. I was responsible for the vision and lead the execution of the game to happen on schedule (which it did on both platforms!). I also worked to create the different levels in the game with tools I and the programmers had designed together inside Unity.

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Ennea Myths | Kajak Games

Ennea Myths is a hectic strategy game for Android where you play as the commander of an ancient army and fight against waves of enemies coming from lanes. Between battles you choose units from different mythologies and build your very own army.

For the project we worked with a custom C++ engine created by engineering students and I was responsible for the producing and designing of the game. We used Scrum and Pivotal Tracker as the project management tool for the production.

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Other Projects

Kajak Games

As a board member of Kajak Games, a student run game development cooperative, I have helped plan the corporate strategy and oversee its implementation. I also have regularly represented the company and showcased its products at various conferences and events like Nordic Game, Northern Game Summit and Casual Connect.

International Game Concept Challenge

I participated in the International Game Concept Challenge in Singapore where I worked together with a multicultural team of Finnish, Singaporean and Japanese developers to produce a proof-of-concept prototype of “Innovative new RPG battle mechanics”. I presented our prototype to Gumi Asia and other judges. Tech In Asia Article


I have been actively involved in volunteering for various game development related events. These include being an Indie Prize volunteer at Casual Connect Europe 2014 where my duties were to help organize the Indie Prize showcase and serve the participants and visitors at the conference.

I was also volunteered for Slush, an entrepreneurial and start-up focused technology event in Helsinki. I was part of the construction team, and helped operate services at the 14000 visitor conference, including successfully constructing the biggest technical production ever in Finland.

  • Finnish Game Jam 2015

    I was the head organizer of the Kajaani site of Global Game Jam / Finnish Game Jam 2015. With 117 registered jammers, the Kajaani site was the largest in the Nordic region. I communicated with the main Global Game Jam organization and the Finnish Game Jam organization, I secured sponsors and food for the event, organized the security and supervising details with the volunteers on-site.

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  • IGDA Kajaani

    I am also one of the organizers of the IGDA Kajaani Hub. As an organizer I have helped organize the visiting speakers trips to Kajaani, show them around our game development hub, and helped organize the evening gatherings

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  • IGDA Scholarship

    I was awarded the IGDA scholarship for GDC Europe and Gamescom. The scholarships are awarded to the “most promising students studying anything related to game development”.

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